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Slurping delicious ramen?
Looking for ramen captions that would best describe a heavenly bowl of noodles. 

Look no more! We all know that great photos need great captions.

Everyone who travels to Japan, during cherry blossom season, at fall foliage, or in winter, you can not leave without tasting ramen. Tonkotsu ramen, miso, or spicy ramen. There are even vegan and vegetarian ramens available for you to taste. Try them in Kyoto, Osaka, Lake Kawaguchiko, and join one of the best Tokyo ramen tours.

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Wherever you are having this mouthwatering bowl of noodles, ramen is the perfect photogenic food to take photos of. And where there are photos, there is also sharing on social media. Here is a collection of the best ramen Instagram captions to save you the trouble of thinking about one yourself.

Below you will also find ramen puns, funny ramen captions, ramen quotes, hilarious ramen jokes, and captions to pair with ramen noodles. Foodie or not, copy and paste them right under your Instagram photo taken of this photogenic noodle bowl.

Have a look at the best ramen captions for Instagram!

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1. Ramen puns

  1. Rame‘n roll.
  1. Try to ramen calm.
  1. A hopeless ramen-tic.
  1. We ramen-t to be together.
  1. You’re very tempe-ramen-tal.
  1. Everyone please ramen calm.
  1. I’ll always ramen-ber this bowl of noodles.
  1. I ramen-bered the last time we had dinner together.

2. Hilarious Ramen jokes

  1. What kind of ramen can be folded into art? Norigami.
  1. What is the famous ramen chef called? A soup-er-star.
  1. What’s a Japanese chef’s favorite cocktail? Ramen Coke.
  1. What is Japan’s favorite sitcom? Everybody loves Ramen.
  1. What fonts do noodles use while typing? Times New Ramen.
  1. What did the waiter say when I finished my bowl of ramen? Udon?
  1. Why didn’t the ramen chef drink alcohol? The chef had to be soba.
  1. What do you get when you cross music and ramen? Inst-ramen-ts.
  1. Why don’t Japanese cannibals cook their food? Because they prefer ra-men.
  1. What do you call a Japanese dish that’s good with archery and swords? Ramen Hood.
  1. Why does the ramen chef follow the same routine every time? The chef is soup-erstitious.

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3. Ramen quotes

  1. “All the dreamers in all the world are dizzy in the noodle.” – Edie Adams
  1. “The scent of the steaming broth was exquisite. The bowl teemed with thick, fresh noodles, tender meat, a soft-boiled egg and green onion garnishes floating at the top.” – Rachel Cohn
  1. “In Tokyo, ramen is a playground for the culinary imagination. As long as the dish contains thin wheat noodles, it’s ramen. In fact, there’s a literal ramen playground called Tokyo Ramen Street in the basement of Tokyo Station, with eight top-rated ramen shops sharing one corridor.” – Matthew Amster-Burton
  1. “With chopsticks, I cut through the dark-skinned egg, releasing molten yoke into waiting broth. Face bathed in the warming steam, I tasted.
    Sheltered from the rain
    Soothing train, ramen-numbed brain
    I reap contentment
    With the Zen meal consumed and consumed by the Zen meal, I exited back into the chaotic Tokyo night.” – Gordon Vanstone

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  1. “While bowls of ramen are like snowflakes in Japan, Fukuoka is known as the cradle of tonkotsu, a pork-bone broth made milky white by the deposits of fat and collagen extracted during days of aggressive boiling. It is not simply a specialty of the city, it is the city, a distillation of all its qualities and calluses. Indeed, tell any Japanese that you’ve been to Fukuoka and invariably the first question will be: “How was the tonkotsu?” – Matt Goulding
  1. “One giant bowl of perfectly cooked ramen in rich, golden pork broth, densely packed with noodles and with an egg, boiled to just the right degree of softness, perched on top, beneath a sprinkling of bright, crunchy green scallions. She could almost taste it, and feel it in her mouth, the rich glide of egg yolk, the chewy, toothsome tangle of noodles, the sharp bite of scallion, and the comforting warmth of the broth, as salty as the ocean.” – Jennifer Weiner
  1. “While shape and size will vary depending on region and style, ramen noodles all share one thing in common: alkaline salts. Called kansui in Japanese, alkaline salts are what give the noodles a yellow tint and allow them to stand up to the blistering heat of the soup without degrading into a gummy mass. In fact, in the sprawling ecosystem of noodle soups, it may be the alkaline noodle alone that unites the ramen universe: “If it doesn’t have kansui, it’s not ramen.” – Matt Goulding

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4. Ramen captions

  1. Ramen lover.
  1. Heat it and eat it.
  1. Happiness in a bowl.
  1. More noodles, please.
  1. This whole bowl is sexy!
  1. Great taste in every drop.
  1. Eat. Sleep. Ramen. Repeat.
  1. Thank you, next bowl of ramen.
  1. Keep calm and slurp ramen noodles.
  1. Miso, shoyu, shio, tonkotsu—I love them all!
  1. If you love food, ramen will surely fix your mood.

5. Funny ramen captions

  1. Miso hungry.
  1. Ramen and chill.
  1. Have a souper day!
  1. You make miso happy!
  1. Oh, the possi-bowl-ities!
  1. Let me shoyu my ramen.
  1. Not souprised that this is so good!
  1. Just wanted to shoyu how much I love ramen.
  1. I’ve got 99 problems, and ramen can solve them all.

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6. Captions for ramen noodles

  1. Send noods!
  1. What have udon?
  1. I miss you soba-d.
  1. Soba-blessed to have you!
  1. Sake? No thanks, I’m soba.
  1. You are my cup of noodles.
  1. Udon know how much you mean to me.
  1. Udon even know how delicious there noodles are.

🍳 “What is Anja’s favorite breakfast?” It is 2 fried eggs, sour-dough bread, with avocado, and crispy bacon.

7. Short ramen caption

  1. Slurp, slurp!
  1. Itadakimasu!
  1. But first, ramen.
  1. Craving noodles.
  1. Love at first slurp.
  1. Chopsticks away!
  1. A festival of flavors.
  1. A bowl of happiness.
  1. 10% noodles, 90% love.

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8. Ramen captions for Instagram

  1. Ramen? Ramen!
  1. Extra broth, please!
  1. Call me ramen-sensei!
  1. Everybody loves ramen.
  1. So many flavors in one bowl.
  1. Slurping away like I don’t care.
  1. Bring on the noodles and broth.
  1. When life gives you ramen, you slurp it.
  1. Broth, egg, pork belly, and all—I love ramen!
  1. The joy of having a bowl of ramen cannot be explained.

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Final thoughts on ramen captions

You made it all the way to the end of this ramen caption collection blog post. Which is your favorite hilarious ramen joke? Are the short ramen captions at the top of your list when eating ramen? Maybe ramen quotes? Perhaps captions for ramen noodles?

I hope at least a few ramen puns made you laugh or that funny ramen captions brought a smile to your face. Whichever ramen captions you choose, I hope at least one will capture your stunning photo eating Japanese ramen.

Thinking about how you can use those caption ideas on your Instagram?

Use short captions on Instagram stories. Combine those with quotes about ramen as a description under the photo. You can even use them as a voice-over on Reels or as a short video.

And as far as ramen puns and funny ramen captions go … they can be used in Stories combined with an Interactive sticker or posted as a single post. Options are unlimited.

What is your ramen caption?

Slurp and shine on,

Pinning is winning and sharing is caring! What are you choosing?

Skipped to the good part? Here is the gist

Ramen captions for Instagram are here to perfectly describe this delicious bowl filled with noodles and broth. Every traveler in Japan should have at least one bowl and every foodie should learn how to make it. The best way to learn more about its history is to join a ramen tour. Above you can find an ultimate collection of ramen quotes, funny ramen puns, hilarious ramen jokes and Instagram captions for ramen noodles. They are a perfect way to describe photos of when you eat ramen.


What is a good caption for ramen?

Love at first slurp.

This whole bowl is sexy! | Extra broth, please! | You make miso happy! | Have a souper day! | Great taste in every drop. | Call me ramen-sensei! | So many flavors in one bowl.

What are good captions for ramen noodles?

Soba-blessed to have you!

Send noods! What have udon? | I miss you soba-d. | Udon know how much you mean to me. | Once Udon a time in Japan. | Udon even know how delicious there noodles are.

What is a funny ramen pun?

Everyone please ramen calm.

You’re very tempe-ramen-tal. | Rame ‘n roll. | I’m a hopeless ramen-tic. | We ramen-t to be together. | I’ll always ramen-ber this bowl of noodles.

What is a famous ramen quote?

“The scent of the steaming broth was exquisite. The bowl teemed with thick, fresh noodles, tender meat, a soft-boiled egg and green onion garnishes floating at the top.” – Rachel Cohn

What is a hilarious ramen joke?

What is the famous ramen chef called?

A soup-er-star.

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