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101+ Malta Captions, Quotes, Puns and Jokes for Instagram (+ Hashtags)

Traveling to Malta?
Walking through movie scenes, admiring doors, and learning about rich history but are lost for words on how to describe this Mediterranean island. 

You are at the right place!

During my 8 days in Malta, I curated the perfect Malta captions and Malta quotes to pair with your stunning shots.

These captions will complement your La Valetta, Rabat, and colorful Marsaxlokk photos. It is a perfect destination to visit in summer and a perfect winter holiday destination in Europe. Find your favorite caption for Malta below!

Osborne Hotel (I stayed here in Valletta)
Ta’ Tereza in Sliema (I stayed here in Sliema)
100 Boutique Living (I stayed here in Rabat)
Georges Boutique Living (I stayed here on Gozo)
Victoria by Petite Chic (I stayed here in Mellieha)

Gozo, Comino Islands & Blue Lagoon from Bugibba (top selling tour)
Gozo, Comino & The Blue Lagoon from Sliema (lovely day trip if you are short on time)
Valletta Guided city Walk tour (a must do!)
Three Cities boat tour (top selling tour!)
Popeye Village (step into the move set!)
Mdina and Rabat walking tour (visit Game of Thrones scenes!)
Marsaxlokk and Blue Groto (a must do!)
Page Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

Whether you’re strolling through the historic streets of Valletta, exploring the medieval city of Mdina, relaxing on Blue Lagoon in Comino, or capturing the colorful boats in Marsaxlokk, Malta offers endless photo opportunities.

This list includes captions for the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo, which you can pair with any of the photos captured on your Mediterranean adventure.

Here are funny Malta puns, quotes about Malta, Malta proverbs, jokes and riddles, funny Malta captions for Instagram in English, and Malta hashtags to pair them with.

Now, find your favorite Malta caption for Instagram.

Malta Captions

anja in front of the blue door in Mdina


● Have a look at the wide variety of Malta captions for Instagram, that you can pair with La Valletta, Sliema, Rabat, Mdina, Marsaxlokk, and other towns in Malta.

● Captions for Malta and Gozo are suitable for various types of posts on Instagram, from stories to reels, and include short captions, quotes, jokes, and puns.

● The captions encourage Instagram engagement. Puns are meant to increase like count and riddles to increase comments under different Instagram posts.

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Malta Instagram caption generator

Best Malta captions for Instagram

⚬ Sun, sea, history.

⚬ Knights and sights.

⚬ Island vibes in Malta.

⚬ Where history meets the sea.

⚬ Searching for my knight in shining armor.

⚬ Where the history is ancient, but the tan is fresh.

⚬ Finding my inner knight in Malta. Where’s my dragon?

⚬ I saw this place in a movie. Can you guess which one?

⚬ When in Malta, do as the Maltese do: eat, beach, repeat.

One word Malta Instagram captions

⚬ Idyllic

⚬ Unique

⚬ Radiant

⚬ Colorful

⚬ Timeless

⚬ Cinematic

⚬ Sunkissed

⚬ Picturesque

⚬ Breathtaking

Short Malta captions for Instagram

⚬ Island life!

⚬ Never leaving.

⚬ In my element!

⚬ Historic Beauty.

⚬ Chasing the sun.

⚬ Timeless Valletta.

⚬ Magnificent Mdina.

⚬ The view is a 10/10.

⚬ Mediterranean dreams.

⚬ Postcard-perfect moments.

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Cute Instagram captions for Malta

⚬ Malta stole my heart.

⚬ Exactly where I need to be.

⚬ Feelin’ fine in the Sunshine.

⚬ Beach days and blue waves.

⚬ I’m stepping into a movie set.

⚬ Tiny island, full of adventures.

⚬ Exploring the streets of Valletta.

⚬ You, me, and the Maltese pastizzi.

⚬ A beautiful day in a beautiful place.

⚬ Where history meets Hollywood and HBO.

⚬ Game of Thrones fans welcome to Malta’s real-life set.

Funny Malta Instagram captions

⚬ Long time, no sea.

⚬ I’m over the lagoon for you.

⚬ Great things come in small islands.

⚬ Who needs Netflix if you have Malta?

⚬ Sun, sea, and trying to pronounce ‘Għargħur’ correctly.

⚬ Listening to doctors’ orders, getting vitamin sea in Malta.

⚬ Not all those who wander are lost… some are just looking for WiFi.

⚬ Trying to pronounce Maltese words like a local… it’s not going well.

⚬ Channeling my inner Khaleesi in Malta’s Game of Thrones locations.

Inspirational captions for Malta

⚬ Malta has it all.

⚬ Once upon a time in Malta …

⚬ It’s hard to feel blue in Malta.

⚬ So small but so much to see.

⚬ Every corner of Malta tells a story.

⚬ Island time: Malta and Gozo edition.

⚬ Let Malta’s history inspire your future.

⚬ Find your paradise, even in the smallest places.

⚬ Don’t just dream it, go and experience it in Malta.

⚬ Maltese history reminds us that every stone, every street, and every sunset carries a story worth telling.

Malta Quotes for Instagram

⚬ “Malta is a sod of a place.” – David Niven

⚬ “Adieu, ye joys of La Valette!” – Lord Byron

⚬ “Malta is a jewel of the Mediterranean.” – Anja On Adventure

⚬ “An island where the past and present blend seamlessly.” – Anja On Adventure

⚬ “Very few of my books are about who stole the Maltese Falcon.” – Robert B. Parker

⚬ “Malta is not just an island; it’s a living museum surrounded by the sea.” – Anja On Adventure

⚬ “But Malta comes to my heart when I do think of you, and I am by the wayside waiting for you.” – Edward Kofi Louis

⚬ “Gozo remained an utterly private place, an island in petto – within the breast – and lucky the man who could find the key, turn the lock, and vanish inside.” – Nicholas Monserrat

⚬ “In Malta, the Wars of Religion reached their climax. If both sides believed that they saw Paradise in the bright sky above them, they had a close and very intimate knowledge of Hell.” – Ernle Bradford

⚬ “Malta is my home and Malta is my love. And I’ve got the birds at the coast to great you all; But like the muse of your love, You will always meet me at the coast as your tourist guide.” – Edward Kofi Louis

⚬ “He speaks with a very strong accent though his English seems quite good to me the man from the fishing Village in Malta by the Mediterranean Sea likes to go rod and line fishing and cast his line from rocks on the shore in the low tide in the early evening, he fishes for two hours or more.” – Francis Duggan

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Maltese proverbs for Instagram captions

⚬ “Il-flus għandhom il-ġwienaħ.” – Money has wings.

⚬ “Tixtrix ħut fil-baħar.” – Don’t buy fish in the sea.

⚬ “Illum jien u għada int.” – Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you.

⚬ “Aħjar weġgħa minn demgħa.” – Better an ache than a tear.

⚬ “Min jistenna jithenna.” – He who waits patiently is rewarded.

⚬ “M’hemmx warda bla xewk.” – There is no rose without thorns.

⚬ “Il-mistoqsija oħt il-għerf.” – The question is the sister of wisdom.

⚬ “Fejn tħobb il-qalb jimxu r-riġlejn.” – The legs go where the heart is.

⚬ “Bil-flus ħadd ma jixtri il-ġenna.” – You can’t buy heaven with money.

⚬ “Kulħadd tad-demm u l-laħam.” – We are all made of flesh and blood.

⚬ “Il-qattus u l-far qatt ma ħasbu għalenija.” – The cat and the rat never thought alike.

Funny puns for Malta

⚬ El Comino.

⚬ You old Gzira.

Tarxien and Jane.

⚬ Ne-Valletta me go.

⚬ Malta towers above the rest.

⚬ What? You can’t handle me?

⚬ Ready or Rabat, here I come.

⚬ Do you think I’m a-door-able?

⚬ I like Malta-ple vacations per year!

⚬ In Malta, you have to turn a lot of Triqs.

⚬ Let’s just Popeye Malta for the weekend.

Riddles & Jokes for Malta captions

Jokes for Malta and Gozo Instagram captions

⚬ Why did the ghost go to Malta? To visit the spirit of the Knights!

⚬ How do Maltese knights greet each other? With a Val-iant handshake!

⚬ Why did the tourist refuse to leave Malta? Because he found it Impossibl-e!

⚬ Why do Maltese buildings never get lost? Because they’re always surrounded by walls!

⚬ Why don’t they play hide and seek in Malta? Good luck hiding on such a small island!

⚬ What’s a Maltese chef’s favorite seasoning? A dash of history and a sprinkle of sea breeze!

⚬ What do you get when you cross a Maltese with a telephone? A “Maltaphone” with great reception!

Riddles for Malta captions

⚬ In Malta, I stand tall with pride,
an ancient shield against the tide.
Capital city’s historic might,
what am I, shining in the light?
Answer: La Valletta

⚬ I’m blue and clear, a vast expanse,
where Maltese tales and history dance.
Around the islands, I stretch wide,
what am I, sparkling with pride?
Answer: The Mediterranean Sea

⚬ Silent city of ancient lore,
where knights once battled, hearts did soar.
In Game of Thrones, I played my part,
what am I, with walls that guard the heart?
Answer: The silent city of Mdina

⚬ An island of myths and ancient lore,
with temples standing strong, and more.
Where legends echo through the day,
what am I, where history holds sway?
Answer: The island of Gozo

⚬ In Malta’s waters, clear and bright,
a lagoon of blue, a stunning sight.
Where azure waves softly sway,
what am I, where tourists play?
Answer: The Blue Lagoon

⚬ In Malta’s streets, a vibrant view,
doors of colors, red, green, and blue.
Each one tells a tale, a sight to behold,
What am I, in shades so bold?
Answer: Colorful doors

⚬ Where boats in colors line the bay,
fishermen at work throughout the day.
With Sunday markets, fresh and fine,
what am I, under Malta’s sun’s shine?
Answer: Marsaxlokk

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Malta hashtags for Instagram

When choosing hashtags for Malta, it’s important to consider a mix of popular and niche hashtags to target a diverse audience and increase the reach of your posts and reels.

Here are three groups of Malta and Gozo hashtags based on usage and photo attachment:

  1. Malta hashtags with most photos attached
    #malta #gozo #valletta #mdina
    #discovermalta #visitmalta #maltatravel
    #exploremalta #maltaisland #maltaphotography
  1. Moderately used hashtags related to Malta
    #vallettacity #maltabeauty #popeyevillage #marsaxlokk
    #rabat #mdinasilentcity #gozodiscoveries
    #maltabeauty #maltabluelagoon #maltaadventures
  1. Niche Malta hashtags with the least photos attached
    #maltaig #maltavibes #gozoexplorer #marsaxlokkvillage
    #mdinamalta #maltaarchitecture #doorsofmalta
    #doorsofinstagram #maltaarchitecture #knightsofmalta

Don’t forget to monitor the performance of these tags over time and adjust your hashtag strategy accordingly.

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Final thoughts on Malta captions for Instagram

You made it all the way to the end of this Malta Instagram Caption collection blog post.

Which captions did you like the most? Malta puns? Maltese proverbs? Are the Valletta Instagram captions and funny Malta insta captions at the top of your list?

Whatever your top caption is, I hope at least one will capture your stunning photo from this island country in Southern Europe, with interesting history and movie scene landscape.

How can you use those Malta caption ideas on your Instagram to increase likes?

Use short captions on Instagram stories.

Combine those with funny Instagram captions for Malta and Gozo as a description under the photo. You can even use them as a voice-over on Reels or as a short video.

And as far as jokes and riddles for Malta go … they can be used in Stories combined with an Interactive sticker or posted as a single post. Options are unlimited.

Find more Instagram caption ideas or read other Malta travel guides.

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