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Do you want to experience how it is to spend a relaxing day in one of the most luxurious resorts in Dubai?

(Duh, who doesn’t want that!?)

If you answered yes, then One&Only Royal Mirage is the way to go.
If you answered no, well, you should still go. I can guarantee you that the experience will change your perspective. Maybe you will even want to try it out for the second and the third time. Who knows?

One&Only at Royal Mirage offers all-day beach and pool packages. They allow you to use their pool and beach facilities, and for a small fee, you get pampered like royalty.

On my first day in Dubai, I could not pass on an offer like this.

I was jet-lagged from my flight and needed to unwind. I also wanted to refill my batteries before exploring the glamorous city of Dubai.

Let’s not forget, that One and Only Royal Mirage is one of the most exclusive resorts in Dubai. Locals come here for special occasions; staycations, anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, honeymoons…

So, it looked like a perfect place to start my Dubai trip with style.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This was not a sponsored visit. I paid for a full-price entry ticket and the hotel staff was not aware that I will write a review about a day spent at their pool and beach.

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“Get spoiled and find what a stress-free life really means in one of the most exclusive resorts in Dubai, One&Only Royal Mirage.”

How to get to One&Only Royal Mirage

To get to the One&Only Royal Mirage, you can use public transportation. Bus (8, 83, 84, F55A), metro (M1) or light rail (T1) routes all pass near this 5-star resort. Depending on which transport you choose, there will be a 10-25 minute walk waiting for you from the public transit station.

The other option would also be to get a taxi, which is reasonably priced.

I chose yet another option. I got an Uber from Dubai Marina, which drove me right to the main entrance of this stylish resort. From there I was ushered through the hotel to the Arabian court.

Walking the hallways instantly gives you the Arabic feel. Carefully selected details, oriental architecture, and selection of colors. The Arabesque feeling gets even greater outside, where architecture creates symmetry, within gardens, fountains, palm trees, and meandering pathways.

How much does poll & beach day pass at One&Only Royal Mirage cost?

You can choose between two beach and pool passes. One is for The Palace or Arabian Court Pool and the other one is for Al Janoub Pool. Arabian Court Pool is suitable for families, there is a slide in the pool, which is great for kids. Al Janoub Pool, on the other hand, is for adults only.

AED 250 per adult, with AED 100 Food & Beverage credit per person
AED 150 per child (4-15 years) with AED 50 Food & Beverage credit per child
Complimentary for toddlers

Sunlounger: AED 250 per adult
Single gazebo with seating lounge: AED 1,000 for two, including AED 250 beverage credit
Double gazebo with seating lounge: AED 1,500 for up to four, including AED 250 beverage credit

Please check prices on One&Only Royal Mirage Beach & Pools Website and call beforehand to check if they are taking in walk-in guests

The prices for the poll and beach pass are on the higher end here, but it is well worth it to splurge for a day. You get to indulge in luxury, enjoy an exclusive pool, private beach, and be treated like royalty.

If you are interested to see other hotels/resorts that also offer poll & beach pass, have a read here.

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Lunch at Eauzone

Eauzone is a modern Asian restaurant close to the Arabian court swimming pool. It looks like it is floating and you can wander along meandering wooden decks on the swimming pool. During the daytime, it is a great place to grab a bite after a swim in the pool. You can also use your AED 100 Food & Beverage credit from the pool and beach entrance fee.

I chose a table on the terrace, close to the beach.

Menu was Asian-inspired with a couple of familiar lunch dishes, from Asian tacos to dim sum, various salads, mains, and desserts. I asked the staff for recommendations on their most popular dishes. At first, I was leaning more in the direction of ordering an entree and a dessert. But then again, who am I kidding, I don’t like desserts. (Only eat them on very special occasions). Instead, I choose to have a nice Australian Wagyu beef with fries. The steak temperature was on point.

One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai

The dining spot was very peaceful and serene. There was no noise from the poll guests, who were just enjoying their quiet time doing nothing. Whether sleeping, reading a book, scrolling phones, or getting tanned.

Staff was attentive and their service really does stand out. I worked in hospitality before, on yachts, resorts, and cafes and the service here does excel. They were not intrusive but observant and aware. they brought what you need before you even asked for something. They truly make you feel special.

Please know that LUNCH MENU items may vary without prior notice.

Exploring the beach

After lunch, I decided to spend a relaxing time on a kilometer-long private beach. When staff saw I would like to move from the pool area to the beach, they delivered my towels and ice-cool drinks (in an esky/cooler) to my desired beach lounger.

Sunbeds were spaced far apart, making it peaceful and private. People were swimming, and taking photos. Kids were making sandcastles and couples were taking perfect Instagram-worthy shots.

Beach here is a private, secluded and quiet spot to refresh. You can admire the views of the Persian Gulf and Palm Island or Dubai Marina with the world’s highest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai. Here you will have your own space to enjoy the scenery and let everything go.

When my pool and beach experience came to an end, I was ushered again through the hotel hallways to the main entrance. Staff there again exceeded their hospitality expectations. They called a taxi for me and were making me company until its arrival.

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All of the above in a nutshell

If you really want to unwind and recharge your batteries, having a pool and beach day at One&Only Royal Mirage is a must. Spending the day by the pool, having lunch at Eauzone, and unwinding at the private beach, is something everyone should encounter.

The whole Daycation experience at One&Only was peaceful and quiet, luxurious and exclusive, simple and elegant, beautiful and relaxing.

Rejuvenated and recharged, I returned to my hotel, ready to start exploring what this glamorous city has to offer. 

Have you been on a daycation before?
Where did you go?

I would love to know other great places to spend a relaxing day at.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This was not a sponsored visit. I paid for a full-price entry ticket and the hotel staff was not aware that I will write a review about a day spent at their pool and beach.

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Skipped to the good part? Here is the gist

Experience a day of luxury in One&Only Royal Mirage hotel in Dubai. Unwind and forget about all your worries on a perfect daycation in one of the top hotels in Dubai. Have a swim in the pool or relax on a kilometer-long private beach. Treat yourself to a delicious bite at their Eauzone restaurant and recharge your batteries in one of the prime Dubai locations. This is what you come to Dubai for! To experience Dubai’s sun, Arabian hospitality, and Persian sea.

I hope this article will encourage you to experience a daycation at One&Only Royal Mirage.

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Have you been on a pool and beach day?
Do you know One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai?

Let me know in the comments.

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