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73+ Essential Greek Travel Phrases for Tourists on a Greek Holiday

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Are you traveling to Greece?
Interested in learning simple Greek phrases for tourists?

You are at the right place!

Knowing travel phrases is highly required when in a foreign country, but you don’t need to be fluent in Greek to enjoy your time exploring Santorini scenery, the historical Athens, or beaches of Crete, knowing a few basic Greek words and phrases will supplement your experience in Greece, like a nice and strong ouzo.

After traveling to Greece multiple times, I can guarantee you, that learning some simple Greek words will give you further insight into Greek culture and their way of life. Want to know what are some common phrases I need to learn before travelling to Greece? Look below.

🥘 If you have been wondering “What is Anja’s favorite Greek food?”, you will find the answer hidden in the blog.

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Greece is one of the most desired and visited countries in Europe during summertime. With its rich history, picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and delicious food Greece attracts all types of tourists. I’m one of them and can’t wait to return.

A lot of people in Greece speak English, but knowing common Greek phrases for travel will show respect and can open doors to more meaningful interactions. Knowing essential Greek phrases will help in Cyprus or when ordering Greek food back at home.

In this Greek language guide, you will find useful Greek phrases for tourists, including expressing gratitude, ordering food, a list of Greek phrases seeking assistance, and Greek phrases for travel when navigating. I encourage you to DOWNLOAD Greek travel phrases pdf for FREE and bring it with you to Greece.

Let’s begin learning Greek, one essential Greek travel phrase at a time!


73+ Essential Greek Travel Phrases for Tourists on a Greek Holiday

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1. Where is Greek spoken?

Did you know that more than 13 million people speak Greek?

Greek is an official language in Greece and Cyprus. As a mother tongue, it is widely spoken by the Greek population in other countries. You would be able to hear Greek in certain regions of Albania, Bulgaria, Italy (specifically in the region of Calabria), and Turkey (mainly in the region of Western Thrace).

Greek speaking communities can also be found in countries with Greek diaspora, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and various European countries.

There are numerous ways to learn easy Greek words and phrases by taking a language course. You can use language apps like Duolingo, or Memrise. You can sign up for a language exchange, download a cheat sheet in this blog post, or travel to Greece.

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2. GREEK language basics: alphabet and pronunciation

Before you start learning Greek words and phrases, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Greek alphabet. This will not be hard, since you already know some letters from Maths, and since many English and Greek letters kind of look the same.

The Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters and does not include the letters W and X. However, it does include additional letters such as Ψ (psi) and Ω (omega).

Is greek language easy to learn? Pronunciation of Greek words and phrases is generally phonetic, making it relatively straightforward. Each letter in the Greek alphabet has a consistent and distinct sound, making it easier to pronounce words accurately.

A simple guide to Greek alphabet and pronunciation with similar English sounds:

α afatherπατέραςpatérasν nnewνέοςnéos
β bballμπάλαbálaξ xsixέξιéxi
γ ggotπήρεpíreο opotκατσαρόλαkatsaróla
δ ddogσκύλοςskýlosπ ppartyκόμμαkómma
ε enetδίχτυdíchtyρ rredτο κόκκινοto kókkino
ζ zzebraζέβραdvigaloσ ssitκαθίστεkathíste
η ēobeyυπακούωypakoúoτ ttalkΜΙΛΑ ρεmila re
θ ththingπράγμαprágmaυ uputβάζωvázo
ι imachineμηχανήmichaníφ phphoneτηλέφωνοtiléfono
κ kkinσυγγενείςsyngeneísχ chkioskκιόσκιkióski
λ llotπαρτίδαpartídaψ pslipsχείλιαcheília
μ mmanάνδραςándrasω ōnoteσημείωσηsimeíosi

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3. Essential Greek travel phrases

3.1. Top Greek words and phrases for travelers

Top Greek words and phrases include expressions that showcase politeness and cultural respect, encouraging positive interactions with locals and are a base for every communication, all included in Greek basic phrases pdf available for download.

Thank youΣας ευχαριστώ
Sas efcharistó
Excuse meΜε συγχωρείται
Me senchoríte
Yes / NoΝαι / Όχι
Ne / Óchi
I don’t understandΔεν καταλαβαίνω
Den katalavéno
Do you speak [language]?Μιλάτε …
What is the WiFi password?Ποιος είναι ο κωδικός του WiFi?
Poios eínai o kodikós tou WiFi?
Could you take my picture?Μπορείς να με βγάλεις φωτογραφία?
Boreís na me vgális fotografía?
Where is the bathroom/toilet?Που είναι το μπάνιο/η τουαλέτα?
Pou eínai to bánio/i toualéta?

3.2. Common Greek travel phrases for greetings and introductions

Greek words to know when traveling for greetings lay the foundation for any interaction, allowing you to initiate conversations and make a positive first impression.

HelloΓειά σου
Geiá sou
Good morningΚαλημέρα
Good dayΚαλημέρα
Good eveningΚαλό απόγευμα
Kaló apógevma
Good nightΚαληνύχτα
Nice to meet youΧάρηκα για τη γνωριμία
Chárika gia ti gnorimia
How are you?Πώς είσαι?
Pós eísai?
My name is …Με λένε …
Me léne …
How do you say […] in [language]?Πώς λες … στα …?
Pós les … sta …?
Speak slowly, please.Μιλήστε πιο αργά παρακαλώ.
Milíste pio argá parakaló.

3.3. Essential Greek travel phrases for directions and getting around

Greek words and phrases for asking for directions will enable you to navigate unfamiliar streets and find your way around.

Where is …Που είναι …
Pou eínai…
What time is …Τι ώρα είναι …
Ti óra eínai…
How do I get to …Πώς πάω στο …
Pós páo sto…
How far away is …Πόσο μακριά είναι …
Póso makriá eínai…
Do you have a map?Έχετε χάρτη?
Échete chárti?
When does the next … arrive?Πότε φτάνει το επόμενο …?
Póte ftánei to epómeno…?
How long does it take to get to….?Πόση ώρα χρειάζεται για να φτάσω στο …?
Pósi óra chreiázetai gia na ftáso sto …?
here / thereεδώ / εκεί
edó / ekeí
North / South / East / WestΒοράς / Νότος / Ανατολή / Δύση
Vóras / Nótos / Anatolí / Dýsi
left / right / straight / back / up / downαριστερά / δεξιά / ευθεία / πίσω / πάνω / κάτω
aristerá / dexiá / efthía / píso / páno / káto
car / bus / train / taxi / metro / planeαυτοκίνητο / λεωφορείο / τρένο / ταξί / μετρό / αεροπλάνο
aftokínito / leoforío / tréno / taxí / metró / aeropláno
bathroom / restaurant / hotel / bank / pharmacy / hospitalΜπάνιο / εστιατόριο / ξενοδοχείο / τράπεζα / φαρμακείο / νοσοκομείο
Bánio / estiatório / xenodochío / trápeza / farmakío / nosokomío

3.4. Useful Greek phrases for tourists when ordering food and drinks

Basic greek for tourists for ordering meals, asking for recommendations, and specifying dietary preferences ensure enjoyable dining experiences and help you explore local cuisines.

Cheers!Στην υγειά σας
Stin ygeiá sas
Is this …Είναι αυτό …
Eínai aftó …
I’m allergic to …Είμαι αλλεργικός/αλλεργική σε…
Eímai allergikós/allergikí se…
The bill, please.Τον λογαριασμό παρακαλώ.
Ton logariasmó parakaló.
I would like to have …Θα ήθελα …
Tha íthela…
May I see the menu?Μπορώ να το δω τον κατάλογο?
Boró na to do ton katálogo?
What do you recommend?Τι προτείνετε?
Ti protínete?
vegetarian / vegan / gluten freeΧορτοφάγος / βίγκαν / χωρίς γλουτένη
Chortofágos / vígan / chorís glouténi
sweet / bitter / sour / salty / spicyγλυκό / ξινό / πικρό / αλμυρό / πικάντικο
glikó / xinó / pikró / almiró / pikántiko
coffee / tea / water / juice / wine / beerκαφές / τσάι / νερό / χυμός / κρασί / μπύρα
kafés / tsái / neró / himós / krasí / bira
milk / eggs / fish / peanuts / shellfish / wheat / soybeansγάλα / αυγά / ψάρι / φιστίκια / οστρακοειδή / σιτάρι / σόγια
gála / avgá / psári / fistíkia / ostrakoidí / sitári / sógia

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3.5. Practical Greek basic terms for shopping

Greek basics terms for inquiring about prices, negotiating, and asking for sizes or colors are handy when exploring markets and boutiques.

How much?Πόσο?
May I try this on?Μπορώ να το δοκιμάσω?
Boró na to dokimáso?
Do you have this in …Το έχετε σε …
Échete se …
Excuse me, I’m looking for … Με συγχωρείται, ψάχνω για …
Me synchoríte, psáchno gia …
Is this on sale?Αυτό είναι σε πώληση?
Aftó eínai se pólisi?
When do you open/close? Πότε ανοίγετε/κλείνετε?
Póte anoígete/kleínete?
Do you accept credit cards?Δέχεστε πιστωτική κάρτα?
Décheste pistotikí kárta?
bigger / smallerμεγαλύτερο / μικρότερο
megalitero / mikrótero
1 one / 2 two / 3 three / 4 four / 5 five / 6 six / 7 seven / 8 eight / 9 nine / 10 ten1 ένα / 2 δύο / 3 τρία / 4 τέσσερα / 5 πέντε / 6 έξι / 7 εφτά / 8 οκτώ / 9 εννιά / 10 δέκα
1 éna / 2 dýo / 3 tría / 4 téssera / 5 pénte / 6 éxi / 7 eftá / 8 októ / 9 enniá / 10 déka
50 fifty / 100 hundred / 1000 thousand50 πενήντα / 100 εκατό / 1000 χίλια
50 penínta / 100 ekató / 1000 chília
white / yellow / orange/ red / blue / green / pink / purple / grey / brown / blackλευκό / κίτρινο / πορτοκαλί / κόκκινο / μπλε / πράσινο / ροζ / μωβ / γκρι / καφέ / μαύρο
lefkó / kítrino / portokalí / kókkino / ble / prásino / roz / mov / gri / kafé / mávro

🥘 “What is Anja’s favorite Greek food?” It is moussaka. But I like it more with potato and meat than with eggplant.

3.6. Useful phrases in Greek for travel when checking in a hotel

Useful Greek words you will need when checking in a hotel, asking for towels, fixing air conditioning, enquiring what time is breakfast, and what is included in your room rate.

What time is …Τι ώρα είναι …
Ti óra eínai…
… is not working.… δεν λειτουργεί.
… den leitourgeí.
Do you have WiFi?Έχετε WiFi?
exete WiFi?
Can I drink the tap water?Μπορώ να πιώ νερό βρύσης?
Boró na pió neró vrisis?
breakfast / lunch / dinnerπρωινό / μεσημεριανό / βραδινό
proinó / mesimerianó / vradinó
toilet paper / key / towelχαρτί τουαλέτας / κλειδί / πετσέτα
hartí toualétas / kleidí / petséta
air conditioning / fan / heater / hairdryerκλιματιστικό / ανεμιστήρας / θερμάστρα /
πιστολάκι μαλλιών
klimatistikó / anemistíras / thermástra /
pistoláki mallión

3.7. Helpful Greek travel terms in case of emergencies

Here you will find basic Greek phrases for travel in case of emergencies, natural disasters, or if you will be needing assistance in difficult or dangerous situations.

I am lostΧάθηκα.
There is a …Υπάρχει ένα …
Ypárhi éna …
Please call the …Παρακαλώ καλέστε στο …
Parakaló kaléste sto …
I lost my passportΈχασα το διαβατήριό μου.
Éhasa to diavatírió mou.
My money was stolenΜου έκλεψαν τα λεφτά
Mou éklepsan ta leftá
fire / flood / earthquakeφωτιά / πλημμύρα / σεισμός
fotiá / plimira / seismós
police / firemen / ambulanceαστυνομία / πυροσβέστες / ασθενοφόρο
astinomía / pyrosvéstes / asthenofóro

3.8. List of nonessential Greek phrases

If you’re like me and really love learning a few phrases in new languages, expand your study beyond the essential travel phrases. After learning Greek phrases to know when traveling expand your key Greek phrases with list of Greek phrases below;

You have beautiful eyesΈχεις όμορφα μάτια
Éhis ómorfa mátia
You have a beautiful smileΈχεις ωραίο χαμόγελο
Éhis oréo chamógelo

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4. Best language App for traveling abroad

Learning a language is a long process. If you think you won’t have time to learn Greek for travellers, or if the situations come your way when above mentioned Greek words and phrases won’t be enough, use Google Translate. This is my favorite language app, that I use on (almost) every trip.

4.1. Google Translate

Google Translate is the most popular language travel app that can be used everywhere. I personally use it on all my travels, when going to Tanzania to learn what some Swahili words mean, when in Mexico to help with my not-the-best Spanish, when in Italy, in Japan and other places.

I’m sure you are familiar with the language app already. The most obvious feature is it will help you translate the destination language into your own one. But the absolute best feature is that it can translate the text using ‘camera translation’.

All you have to do is open the app, point your camera toward the text in a foreign language and Google Translate will do the rest. Perfect for menus! It also translates text from the photos on your camera roll. And it also works offline, when you download the language pair on your phone.

Language: 133 languages
Download: iOS | Android | Website
Price: Free

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5. Final thoughts on Essential Greek Travel Phrases and Words

Whether it’s a warm greeting, ordering a meal, or expressing gratitude, common Greek travel phrases not only open doors to easier communication, but they also show respect and will help you to understand Greek culture in a different way.

Before traveling to Greece, learn Greek language basics and Greek basic words that will help you to navigate through this blue and white country, full of history and sites. How to say Hello in Greek and how to say thank you in Greek language.

Basic Greek phrases for directions, ordering food, and checking in a hotel. All combined in 100 Greek phrases pdf you can dowload for free.

Which of these useful tourist Greek phrases have you managed to memorize so far?
Let me know in the comments!

Safe travels = ασφαλή ταξίδια [asfalí taxídia],

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Where is Greek spoken?

Greek is an official language in Greece and Cyprus.

Greek language can also be heard in neighboring regions certain regions and in countries with Greek diaspora, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and various European countries. 

How do you say Good Morning in Greek?

Καλημέρα pronounced as “Kaliméra”

Learn more Greek holiday phrases and common Greek words for tourists on Anja On Adventure blog. Here you can also FREE DOWNLOAD basic Greek words pdf and coloring pages with Greek words.

How to pronounce Thank you in Greek?

Thank you in Greece is Σας ευχαριστώ. Thank you in Greek phonetically isSas efcharistó”.

Now than you know how do you say thank you in Greek, learn more basic phrases in Greek and common Greek words for holiday on Anja On Adventure blog. Here you can also FREE DOWNLOAD basic Greek phrases pdf and coloring pages with basic words in Greek.

How to say Hello in Greek?

Γειά σου pronounced as “Geiá sou”.

Learn more common phrases in Greek and common holiday Greek phrases on Anja On Adventure blog. Here you can also FREE DOWNLOAD basic Greek phrases for tourists pdf and coloring pages with Greek words.

How do you say Goodnight in Greek?

Καληνύχτα pronounced as Kalinichta”.

Learn more Greek words for travel and common Greek phrases for holiday on Anja On Adventure blog. Here you can also FREE DOWNLOAD Greek for tourists pdf and coloring pages with Greek words.

How do you say Cheers in Greek?

Στην υγειά σας pronounced as Stin ygeiá sas”.

Learn more phrases in Greek for tourists and common Greek words list on Anja On Adventure blog. Here you can also FREE DOWNLOAD Greek travel phrases cheat sheet pdf and coloring pages with Greek words.

How do you say YES and NO in Greek?

How to say Yes in Greek? Ναι, pronounced as “Ne”. How to say No in Greek? No is Όχι, pronounced as “Óchi”.

Learn more Greek tourist phrases and common Greek for travelers on Anja On Adventure blog. Here you can also FREE DOWNLOAD Greek phrasebook pdf and coloring pages with Greek words.

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