73+ Essential Arabic Travel Phrases for Tourists in Arab Countries & Free PDF

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Want to know what essential Arabic travel phrases for tourists are?
Planning a journey to Dubai, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Oman or other places in the Middle East and North Africa?

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If you are traveling to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids, or venturing to the UNESCO World Heritage site Petra in Jordan, knowing some basic Arabic words and phrases will be key to successful communication. Just like easy Arabic phrases “Marhaba” (Hello) and “Shukran” (Thank you).

Learning common phrases in Arabic will come in handy when bargaining at local markets in Morocco or exploring the vibrant streets of Dubai. Want to know, what are those useful Arabic words for travel?

🗩 If you have been wondering “What is Anja’s favorite Arabic word?”, you will find the answer hidden in the blog.

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Middle East and Northern Africa, home of the Arabic language, desert landscapes and vibrant souks and bazaars. From modern marvels like Burj Khalifa to ancient historic sites like Nabaatean’s Petra, or Egyptians Great Pyramids of Giza.

Knowing basic Arabic phrases for tourists will be helpful in any Arabic-speaking country. 

In this language guide on the best Arabic phrases to know, you’ll find a curated selection of essential Arabic words, greeting Arabic phrases and Arabic for tourists. Inside there is also FREE Arabic phrases pdf, that will serve as a handy resource for your Arabic adventure.
Let’s dive into your Arabic adventure, one essential Arabic for travelers phrase at a time!

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1. Where is ARABIC spoken?

Did you know that more than 400 million people speak Arabic as their first or second language?

That is a lot of “shukrans” and “habibis”. 

Arabic is spoken in several countries primarily in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in some other regions. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and below you can find Arab countries list.

Arabic is the official language in the following countries:

  1. Middle East countries list: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen.
  2. List of Arab countries in North Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania.
  3. Other regions: Palestinian territories, Israel (Arabic is one of the official languages, along with Hebrew), and parts of Western Sahara.

In addition to being the official language in these countries, Arabic holds cultural and religious significance as the language of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. It is widely used in Islamic religious ceremonies and prayers by Muslims around the world, regardless of their native language.

Arabic also serves as a lingua franca for communication between speakers of different Arabic dialects and is used as a second language in many countries with significant Arab diaspora communities.

The best way to learn Arabic phrases for travel is by using apps like Duolingo or Memrise. But since Arabic is hard language to learn, you will most probably learn most of your phrases when traveling. It will be beneficial to download Arabic for travelers pdf and bring it with you.

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2. Arabic language basics

Before you start to learn everyday Arabic phrases, you should know that the Arabic language is one of the hardest languages to learn for English speakers. Not only because of their unique and beautiful alphabet but also because of their grammar and writing system.

Words in Arabic and standard Arabic phrases are written and read from RIGHT to LEFT. This is also the case in Arabic travel phrases you will find below. Phrases in Arabic are written from right to left and Arabic translation phrases are written from left to right.

Letters in Arabic words and phrases change shape based on their position in the word. Some of the wolves also don’t get written, and Arabic speakers should ‘just know’ how to pronounce the word. Not unlike in Japanese or Swahili language, where once you know the sound of the letter, you can read everything.

Arabic language also uses different grammar and has sounds that are foreign to the English language. Plus there are many dialects distinctive for Arabic-speaking countries.

A collection of Arabic phrases for travel you will find below is using Modern Standard Arabic. This is like a common Arabic, that everywhere in the Arabic-speaking world should understand. All essential Arabic travel phrases also have a phonetic translation under their Arabic writing.

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3. Essential Arabic travel phrases

3.1. Basic Arabic phrases for travel

Basic Arabic phrases for conversation that showcase politeness and cultural respect, encouraging positive interactions with locals and are a base for every communication. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT.

Pleaseمن فضلك
min faDlik
Thank youشكرًا لك
shukran lak
Excuse meاعذرني
Sorryأنا آسف
‘ana asf
Yes / Noنعم / لا
naeam / la
I don’t understandلا أفهم
la ‘afham
Do you speak [language]?هل تتكلم …؟
Hal tatakalam …?
What is the WiFi password?ما هي كلمة مرور واي فاي؟
Ma hi kalimat murur way fay?
Could you take my picture?هل يمكنك التقاط صورةٍ لي؟
Hal yumkinuk altiqat swrt li?
Where is the bathroom/toilet?أين الحمام/المرحاض؟
‘Ayn alhamaami/almirhadi?

3.2. Essential Arabic phrases for greetings and introductions

Basic Arabic greetings phrases will lay the foundation for any interaction, allowing you to initiate conversations and make a positive first impression. They are Easy arabic words you already know and Arabic basic words, to know when visiting Dubai. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT.

Goodbyeمع السلامة
mae alsalama
Good morningصباح الخير
sabah alkhayr
Good dayيوم جيد
yawm jayid
Good eveningمساء الخير
masa’ alkhayr
Good nightطاب مساؤك
tab masawuk
Nice to meet youسعيد بلقائك
saeid biliqayik
How are you?كيف حالك؟
Kayf halika?
My name is …… اسمي هو
Asmi hu …
How do you say […] in [language]?كيف نقول […] في اللغة […]؟
Kayf naqul […] fi allugha […]?
Speak slowly, please..تحدث ببطء من فضلك
Tahadath bibut’ min fadlika.

3.3. Essential Arabic travel phrases for directions and getting around

Arabic phrases to know when asking for directions will enable you to navigate unfamiliar streets and find your way around. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT.

Where is …… أين يقع ال
‘Ayn yaqae al …
What time is …… ما الوقت
Ma alwaqt …
How do I get to …… كيف يمكنني الذهاب إلى
Kayf yumkinuni aldhahab ‘iilaa …
How far away is …… كم يبعد
Kam yabeid …
Do you have a map?هل لديك خريطة؟
Hal ladayk kharitatun?
When does the next … arrive?متى القادم… وصول؟
Mataa alqadim… wasulu?
How long does it take to get to….?كم من الوقت يستغرق الوصول إلى….؟
Kam min alwaqt yastaghriq alwusul ‘iilaa …?
here / thereهنا / هناك
huna / hunak
North / South / East / Westشمال / جنوب / شرق / غرب
shamal / jnub / shariqa / gharb
left / right / straight / back / up / downيسار/ يمين / مستقيم / خلفي / أعلى / أسفل
yasar / ymin / mustaqim / khalfi / ‘aelaa / ‘asfal
car / bus / train / taxi / metro / planeسيارة / حافلة / قطار/ سيارةُ أجرة / مترو/ طائرة
syart / haflt / qtar / syart ‘ujrat / mitru / tayira
bathroom / restaurant / hotel / bank / pharmacy / hospitalحمام / مطعم / فندق / بنك / صيدلية / مستشفى
hamami / mutieam / funduqu / binku / saydliatu / mustashfaa

3.4. Useful Arabic phrases for tourists when ordering food and drinks

Useful Arabic words and phrases for ordering meals, asking for recommendations, and specifying dietary preferences ensure enjoyable dining experiences and help you explore local cuisines. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT.

Is this ……هذا هو
Hadha hu …
I’m allergic to …… لدى حساسيه من
Ladaa hasaasayh min …
The bill, please..الفاتورة من فضلك
Alfaturat min fadliki.
I would like to have …… أود أن أحصل على
‘Awadu ‘an ‘ahsul ealaa …
May I see the menu?هل يمكنني الاطلاع على قائمة الطعام؟
Hal yumkinuni aliatilae ealaa qayimat altaeami?
What do you recommend?بماذا تنصح؟
Bimadha tansahi?
vegetarian / vegan / gluten freeفيجيتيريان / فيجن / خالٍ من الجلوتين
vegeterian / vegan / khalin min al gluten
sweet / bitter / sour / salty / spicyحلوة / مُرّة / حامضة / مالحة / حارّة
hlwt / murrt / hamdt / malht / harr
coffee / tea / water / juice / wine / beerقهوة / شاي / ماء / عصير / نبيذ / بيرة
qahwatu / shayi / ma’ / easir / nbidhu / bira
milk / eggs / fish / peanuts / shellfish / wheat / soybeansالحليب / البيض / السمك / الفول السوداني / المحار / القمح / فول الصويا
alhalib / albid / alsamik / alful alsuwdani /almuhar / alqimahu / ful alsuwya

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3.5. Basic Arabic words for travel and shopping

Arabic language words for inquiring about prices, negotiating, and asking for sizes or colors are handy when exploring markets and boutiques. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT.

How much?كم ثمن؟
Kam thamana?
May I try this on?هل يمكنني تجربة هذا؟
Hal yumkinuni tajribat hadha?
Do you have this in …… هل لديك هذا في
Hal ladayk hadha fi …
Excuse me, I’m looking for … … عفوا ، أنا أبحث عن
Eafwan ، ‘ana ‘abhath ean …
Is this on sale?هل هذا للبيع؟
Hal hadha lilbayei?
When do you close? متى تغلق؟
Mataa tughliqa?
Do you accept credit cards?هل تقبل بطاقات الائتمان؟
Hal taqbal bitaqat aliaytimani?
bigger / smallerأكبر/ أصغر
‘akbaru / ‘asghar
1 one / 2 two / 3 three / 4 four / 5 five / 6 six / 7 seven / 8 eight / 9 nine / 10 ten1١/ 2 ٢/ 3 ٣/ 4 ٤/ 5 ٥/ 6 ٦/ 7 ٧/ 8 ٨/ 9 ٩/ 10 ١٠
1 wahid / 2 aithnayn / 3 thalatha / 4 ‘arbaea / 5 khamsa / 6 sita / 7 sabea / 8 thamania / 9 tise / 10 eashra
50 fifty / 100 hundred / 1000 thousand50 ٥٠/ 100 ١٠٠/ 1000 ١٠٠٠
50 khamswun / 100 miaya / 1000 ‘alf
white / yellow / orange/ red / blue / green / pink / purple / grey / brown / blackأبيض / أصفر/ برتقالي / أحمر / أزرق / أخضر / وردي/ بنفسجي / رمادي / بني/ أسود
‘abid / ‘asifira / burtuqali / ‘ahmru / ‘azrq / akhdir / wrdi / binfisji / rmadi / bini / ‘asud

🗩 “What is Anja’s favorite Arabic word?” It is Habibi. It can be translated as “my love”, “my dear”, “my darling”.

3.6. Basic Arabic hotel phrases

Arabic hotel phrases you will need when checking in a hotel, asking for towels, fixing air conditioning, enquiring what time is breakfast, and what is included in your room rate. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT.

What time is …… ما الوقت
Ma alwaqt …
… is not working..لا يعمل …
… la yuemal.
Do you have WiFi?هل لديك واي فاي؟
Hal ladayk way fay?
Can I drink the tap water?هل يمكنني شرب ماء الصنبور؟
Hal yumkinuni shurb ma’ alsanbur?
breakfast / lunch / dinnerالإفطار / الغداء / العشاء
al’iiftar / alaghada’u / aleisha’
toilet paper / key / towelورق المرحاض / مفتاح / منشفة
waraq almirhadi / miftah / minshifa
air conditioning / fan / heater / hairdryerمكييف الهواء / المروحة / السخان / مجفف الشعر
makiif alhawa’ / almiruhat / alisskhan / mujafaf alshier

3.7. Standard Arabic phrases and best Arabic phrases in case of emergencies

Here you will find simple Arabic words in case of emergencies, natural disasters, or if you will be needing assistance in difficult or dangerous situations. Don’t forget that the Arabic words are read from RIGHT to LEFT and that those can be useful phrases in Dubai.

I am lost.أضعت الطريق
Adeat altariqa.
There is a …… هناك
Hunak …
Please call the …… من فضلك اتصل بـ
Min fadleek atasal bi …
I lost my passport.أضعت جواز سفري
‘Adaet jawaz sifiri.
My money was stolenأموالي سُرقت
‘amwali surqt
fire / flood / earthquakeحريق / فيضان / زلزال
hariq / fayadan / zilzal
police / firemen / ambulanceالشرطة / رجال الإطفاء / الإسعاف
alshurtat / rijal al’iitfa’ / al’iiseaf

3.8. Beyond essential Arabic travel phrases

If you’re like me and really love learning a few phrases in new languages, expand your study beyond the must know travel phrases and basic phrases in Arabic. I always learn how to say please and thank you, never visit a country without knowing the local word for “coffee” and never leave without knowing how to say;

You have beautiful eyesلديك عيونٌ جميلة
ladayk eywn jamila
You have a beautiful smileلديك ابتسامةٌ جميلة
ladayk abtsamt jamila

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4. Best language App for traveling abroad

Learning a language is a long process. If you think you won’t have time to learn basic Arabic greetings and responses, or if the situations come your way when above mentioned Arabic phrases for travel won’t be enough, use Google Translate. This is my favorite language app, that I use on (almost) every trip.

4.1. Google Translate

Google Translate is the most popular language travel app that can be used everywhere. I personally use it on all my travels, when going to Tanzania to learn what some Swahili words mean, when in Mexico to help with my not-the-best Spanish, when in Italy, in Japan and other places.

I’m sure you are familiar with the language app already. The most obvious feature is it will help you translate the destination language into your own one. But the absolute best feature is that it can translate the text using ‘camera translation’.

All you have to do is open the app, point your camera toward the text in a foreign language and Google Translate will do the rest. Perfect for menus! It also translates text from the photos on your camera roll. And it also works offline, when you download the language pair on your phone.

Language: 133 languages
Download: iOS | Android | Website
Price: Free

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5. Final Thoughts on Essential Arabic Travel Phrases for Tourists

Whether it’s a warm greeting, ordering a meal, or expressing gratitude, useful Arabic words and phrases not only open doors to easier communication but also show respect. Learning common phrases in Arabic for tourists will help you in souks and bazaars and when ordering food.

Before traveling to Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, or any other country in the Middle East or Northern Africa, learn Arabic for travel basics that will help you to navigate through this unique, and culturally filled world. How to say Hello in Arabic and how to say thank you in Arabic language.

A collection of useful Arabic phrases for travelers, like what is the Wifi password, Arabic tourist phrases for directions, and checking in a hotel.

Which of these common Arabic phrases have you managed to memorize so far?

Safe travels = طَريق السَلامةِ! [ataryq alsalamti!],

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Where is Arabic spoken?

Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

It is a native language in numerous countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic is an official language in 22 countries. Some of them are, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others. It is widely used for religious purposes among Muslims worldwide.

How to say hello in Arabic word?

Hello in Arabic language is مرحبًا pronounced as “marhaba”

This is also the answer to how to say hello in Dubai or how do you say hello in Jordan. Learn more useful common Arabic greetings and basic Arabic for travel words and phrases on Anja On Adventure blog. There you can also find a FREE Arabic phrases pdf cheat sheet, and coloring pages with Arabic words and phrases.

How to say Thank you in Arabic?

Thank you in Arabic is شكرًا لك, which is pronounced asshukran lak”.

This is also the answer to how to say thank you in Dubai and how to say thank you in Jordan. Learn more Dubai language words and Moroccan phrases for tourists on Anja On Adventure blog. There you can also find a FREE Arabic words list pdf cheat sheet, and coloring pages with Arabic words and phrases.

How to say How are you in Arabic?

كيف حالك؟ pronounced as “Kayf halika?”

Learn more useful Arabic words and phrases and popular Arabic phrases for travel on Anja On Adventure blog. There you can also find a FREE Arabic phrases pdf cheat sheet, and coloring pages with Arabic words and phrases.

How to say Nice to meet you in Arabic?

سعيد بلقائك, pronounced as saeid biliqayik …”.

Learn more useful Arabic words and phrases and popular Arabic phrases for travel on Anja On Adventure blog. There you can also find a FREE basic Arabic sentences for beginners pdf cheat sheet, and coloring pages with Arabic words and phrases.

How to say Love in Arabic?

حب, pronounced as habun”

Learn more basic words in Arabic, find out what are some basic arabic words and a list of simple Arabic phrases on Anja On Adventure blog. There you can also find a FREE basic Arabic words for beginners pdf, with Arabic words list with meaning, and coloring pages with Arabic words and phrases.

How to say safe travels in Arabic?

طَريق السَلامةِ!, pronounced as “ataryq alsalamti!”.

Learn more than 100 Arabic phrases, Arabic common phrases and other Arabic words to know when traveling on Anja On Adventure blog. There you can also find a basic Arabic for tourists and common Arabic terms.

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