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Anyone can book a trip, I’m here to help you plan it!

Hi, I’m Anja – your custom itinerary travel planner.

I’ve been traveling the world for as long as I can remember.

From train journeys to Germany with my grandma (we went to Munich Zoo), to campervan road trips all around Europe (Italy, Switzerland, and south of France). While the early years don’t really count towards travel planning experiences, my last 15+ years of traveling and living abroad do!

That is why I know that travel is more than just booking a flight and finding a hotel.

I’ve mostly traveled solo, hiked a volcano in Vanuatu, went on a budget trip to Indonesia and Bali, done many European weekend getaways, eaten my heart out in Italy and Greece, had too many tequilas in Mexico, lived in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji, relaxed in Seychelles, admired beaches in Zanzibar, snorkeled with turtles in Barbados, and had epic road trips in Europe and USA.

And you can too!

It’s not just a trip, it’s an experience

Researching new travel destinations can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Especially if you struggle to find time in your busy schedule (work, gym, Netflix, dog, laundry, meeting …) and a fast-paced environment to research and plan every detail of your trip. 

Or if you feel swamped by the endless options and don’t know where to start, what to choose, and how to incorporate the options that interest you in the itinerary.

Choosing the right destination, accommodation, the best time to visit, transportation and activities feel like putting together an unsolvable puzzle or navigating a maze without a map.

That might be the case even if you tried using AI travel planning tools but the outputs made no sense and the route and timings were just off.

Does any of those sound familiar?

Plan less and avoid the stress

That’s where I come in!

As a passionate traveler and licensed tour guide (find me in the Register of Tourist Guides) who visited more than 43+ countries, I’m here to turn your dream vacation into reality.

I regularly craft itineraries for people based on their interests.
Mostly for tropical destinations and for places that I’ve already visited. But I also created a few custom travel itineraries, for countries I haven’t visited yet (like Madagascar and Reunion).

So, whether you want to get help deciding which tropical island to choose, planning your (Italian) road trip, are eager to discover famous movie locations, or just want a relaxed weekend getaway, I’m here to help.

You can choose between different travel planning packages. Additionally, you can ask for my personal travel advice or pick one of the premade travel itineraries and Google Maps guides.

When you are ready for us to start, please get in touch via email or

Let’s be friends

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