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About me

Hello Sunshine!
Seeing you here makes me smile.

I am Anja (read as Anya).
A thirty-something adventure-seeking, sun chasing, beach hopping, gin-loving, tropics enthusiast with a creative mind and sarcastic spirit, who loves coconut and mango but doesn’t like chocolate and sweets. Yup, it is true!

Worked as a geography and history teacher, tour guide, and afraid-of-boats yacht stewardess. I can legit say that I am not afraid of the challenge, since being a Dream-Teamer, my job was to test the challenges for the TV show Survivor.

I’m passionate about all things travel, maps, and puzzles. But I am terrified of clowns and praying mantis.

If you want to know more about me …
You know what to do.

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Visited places

Bucketlist Destinations

French Polynesia, Cook Islands,
Easter Island
Namibia, Mauritius, Hawaii
Aruba, Peru, Barbados

Want to visit in 2024

Barbados, USA – East Coast, Namibia,
Greece (Milos), Italy (Puglia), Peru